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Massein - The classic massage at work in Berlin

Do you have a company?

If you have a company and you want to improve your business helping your coworkers feeling better, this is the solution for you!

(Our) Massage restores and improves the well-being and physical conditions of your coworkers, releasing stress and muscular pains. We work also on the body structure helping them avoid typical back pains due to wrong posture at work.

Massein offers the classic massage at work in Berlin, a special service for company.

You can have the classic massage at work in Berlin to your workplace, by Federico

Massage available:
The classic Massage

Massein offers the classic massage at work in Berlin

Feeling better, recharged, willing to work and getting less sick means better working conditions, more productivity, less sick days and happier workers.

German Tax law promotes this kind of services, giving you 500 € pro worker/year tax free for health promotion at the workplace.

Return on investment is guaranteed!
ROI 6:1, quelle:

An example of our offer:

  • 20´ Massage
    18 €
  • 30 min. Massage
    26 €
  • 40 min. massage
    34 €
  • 60 min. Massage
    50 €

Payment could be done by the treatment from each worker (privately), or per invoice for your company at the end of the month.


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