Lymphatic drainage in Kreuzberg

The classic Vodder technique.

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Lymphatic drainage works on the lymphatic system, helping to drain the accumulated liquids in the body. Liquids can accumulate for many reasons (stress, wrong lifestyle, big surgeries, genetic) especially in feet and legs, and can create cellulitis problem, fatigued limbs, swellings.

It is suggested to make a cycle of treatments (followed by a balanced diet) to experience a gradual improvement.

You can have the The lymphatic drainage in Kreuzberg in our massage room by Francesca

Massein offers the lymphatic drainage in Kreuzberg

We receive only under appointment CONTACT US

  • 70 minutes
    55 €
    First massage; arriving, relax and consultation included
  • for 5 sessions
    225 €
    60 min.
  • for 10 sessions
    450 €
    60 min.
  • for 5 sessions
    180 €
    40 min.

    available after the first massage

  • for 10 sessions
    360 €
    40 min. available after the first massage
  • By Francesca

Natural cosmetic

Ayurvedic facial masks and clay/algae applications

The facial masks are made of different organic natural products, and are used for skin cleansing and wrinkles removal; they are individually prepared for each specific type of skin. The algae and/or clay are applied to different parts of the body against cellulite and other skin problems.

These treatments include a short massage.

Massein offers the natural cosmetic in Kreuzberg

Please, We receive only under appointment CONTACT US

  • 40 minutes
    50 €
  • By Francesca