The classic massage

an own mix from the classic (swedish) massage and other western techniques

This massage works as a dynamic therapy for the body; it works per point or integrally, with different soft and strong techniques, such as joint release and deep tissue, to get back a mobile and relieved body. It´s indicated for all the conditions, against daily stress or tensions or as body therapy for a completive improvement of the body structure.

Massage at work

This massage can be adapted as a relaxing break for the employees in your company

  • 70 minutes
    60 €
    arriving, relax and consultation included
  • 100 minutes
    80 €
    in our studio
  • 60 minutes
    80 €
    at your home
  • 90 minutes
    100 €
    at your home
  • 30 minutes
    26 €
    at work
  • By Federico