Ayurveda massage

The ayurveda massage is a mixed indian massage techniques with warm oil and aroma therapy. You can have the ayurveda massage in Alt Treptow and Kreuzberg.

Whole body massage individually set depending on one´s constitution: Pitta (fire/water), Kapha (air/ether) and Vata (water/earth). A vitalizing massage against physical and mental tensions, insomnia or anxiety, it helps also the detoxification of the liver and stimulates the blood circulation.

Ayurveda Massage uses self- made warm Ayurveda herbal oil, aromatherapy and creams. Different pressions and sweepings create different rhythm and intensity, relaxing, vitalizing and stimulating the whole body.

You can have the ayurveda massage in Alt Treptow e Kreuzberg in our massage room by Francesca

Massein offers the Ayurveda massage in Alt Treptow e Kreuzberg

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  • 70 minutes
    60 €
    arriving, relax and consultation included
  • 100 minutes
    80 €
    arriving, relax and consultation included
  • Ayurveda massage by Francesca

Chakra treatment

relaxation und release of the emotional and physical blocks through massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and cold stones

Chakra treatment is the most complete ayurvedic treatment; it combines relaxing massage techniques with reflexology and aromatherapy, using specific cold stones to harmonize every chakra. It helps to find the inner peace, it loose the emotional, physical and mental tensions. It is suitable for everybody. After the treatment it is suggested to take a moment of rest.

  • 100 minutes
    95 €
    arriving, relax and consultation included
  • Chakra treatment by Francesca


treatment for the cure and harmonization of the inner life energy (ki)

Through the laying on of the hands on particular Chakra points, the therapist becomes a channel for the life energy present in the universe to the body of the client. The energy blocks are unlocked and the process of self-healing activates. After the treatment, you´ll feel relaxed, light and alive.

  • 60 minutes
    50 €
    50 min. treatment and 10 min. arriving, relax and consultation
  • Reiki by Federico